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April 22 2018

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Viae Romanae Maiores
Tabula reticuli
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April 15 2018

German Week in American Aldi stores
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April 09 2018

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April 03 2018

A complete style failure.
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March 29 2018

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March 25 2018

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March 23 2018

Weee, that's one Monoclove of garlic :D

March 21 2018

So, if everyone stacks up on caffeeine etc. and then really pulls through as long as possible, it'll melt its cores or what? Interesting...


Can i just pinch myself?
proper source + svg source file
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March 18 2018

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March 14 2018

23 cent/km
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March 06 2018

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February 22 2018

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February 21 2018

February 20 2018

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February 16 2018

February 14 2018

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